Yang Tai Chi has been being regarded as a kind of good exercise for old people. Soft and slow, how can it work for self-defense? Many people doubt about it. But in Chinese martial art history, there were two guys were called “invincible”, they are the founder of Yang Tai Chi—Yang Luk Chien and his son Yang Ban Hou.

On July 18th – 20th, Master Tommy Cheng will be conducting a workshop at the 2014 Legends of Kung Fu and Taiji Legacy tournament covering Yang Tai Chi principles and techniques.

Why there is a song called “the Striking Hand Song” in the Tai Chi bible? Why it is not called “The Push hand Song” if there was only push hand in the past? Is Push Hand the same as Striking hand?

Most people learn Yang Tai Chi from the lineage of Yang Ching Fu, Is Yang Ching Fu’s stuff the same as Yang Luk Chien’s stuff?

Learn more about these at Master Tommy Cheng’s workshop.

For workshop schedules and announcements, please visit www.LegendsofKungFu.com


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