All disciplines of martial arts begin with self-defense as the basis. Without self-defense technique, the form is an empty show only. Self-defense techniques must always be taught with every form of martial arts. One can never become a master of Tai Chi or any martial art without learning the self-defense techniques!

All schools of martial arts teach a form of Qin Na. It historically has, and is even today, almost always treated as a guarded secret; including in Chen Style Tai Chi. The Sixteenth Generation Grandmaster Xin Chen said he would rather burn all the information about Qin Na than teach it to any unworthy student.

Qin Na techniques are considered so damaging, that many schools who do teach it only teach a watered-down version. Only a small percentage of all of the actual techniques are known and taught widely. As mentioned before, the Qin Na techniques have been kept a guarded secret throughout history, passed down to particular students chosen by their masters. Few masters have been taught the true art to its deepest levels.

On July 18th – 20th, Master Cheng Jin Cai will be conducting a workshop at the 2014 Legends of Kung Fu and Taiji Legacy tournament covering Chen Style Ta Chi Qin Na techniques.

Consider the information we are being taught as special and something to treasure.

Participants will learn many techniques and “secrets.” Do not worry, but we must first start with the basics and learn them well, for there is no progressing further without them.

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