Ray Hildreth



ray_hildrethMaster Ray Hildreth is a Certified Hung Gar Instructor under Grand Master Buck Sam Kong. With over 41 years of Martial Arts experience his background also includes Choy Li Fut, Kenpo Karate and select forms of the Chen, Yang and Wu(Hao) methods of Tai Chi Chuan. In Hong Kong on January 6, 2006, Sifu Hildreth was promoted to the rank of 8th Degree by the World Organization of Wushu Kung Fu Masters. Sifu Hildreth has held the following positions: Oklahoma Chairman for the AAU Chinese Martial Arts Program, 1991-2002, Director of Region 8 for the AAU Chinese Martial Arts Program, 1991-1998, Senior Vice-President, Region 6, of the USAWKF 1994-1995 and National Chief Official for the AAU Chinese Martial Arts Program 2000-2002. Currently Sifu Hildreth serves as a member of the Committee for the National Traditional Wushu Federation. Sifu Hildreth has received the following Recognitions and Awards: AAU Outstanding Service Award in 1992, World Karate Union Hall of Fame in 1998, Whirlwind Classic Lifetime Achievement Award in 2003, American Black Belt System Hall of Fame in 2004. Sifu Hildreth operates the Academy of Self-Defense in Tulsa, Oklahoma and has promoted Regional and National Chinese Martial Arts Tournaments since 1990.

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