Milton Lie


MiltonLieMilton Lie is a senior Taiji instructor at J.K. Wong Kungfu Tai Chi Academy. He participated in the 2000 Yongnian, China International Taiji Championship and received silver medals in Wu(Hao) form and Wu(Hao) Sword. He has studied with Master Jimmy K. Wong, sixth generation direct lineage of the Wu(Hao) style. He is also an Executive Board Member of the USA Chin Woo Federation and the North America Wu(Hao) Taiji Federation.

This is Wu-Yu Xiang Taiji. It comes from small frame Chen style. Every posture has four states, start, connect, open, and close. Start: Change from Wuchi to taiji-intention; Connect: Movement from taiji to yin-yang-distinguished between substantial and insubstantial; Open: Initiating attack or retreat; Close: Action of attacking and retreating. This series of seminars is designed to introduce people to the Wu (Hao) style as well as for those who want to perform with the Wu (Hao) group during the Opening Ceremonies.

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