Lou Illar



Sifu Lou Illar is a film maker and writer with a lifetime of experience as a Kung Fu master. He has promoted Kung Fu through magazine articles and the his production of the movie Sidekicks, which is still watched wherever there is a child afflicted with asthma. Master Illar’s innovative tournaments, lion dances and other fund raisers have provided over 200 thousand dollars for individuals with disabilities. In the 1980’s he was appointed by the Republic of China as The Regional Liaison for the promotion of Chinese Traditional Arts. As a college professor of communication and history he has promoted accredited Kung Fu classes on college campuses as a cross-cultural experience. He has received numerous rewards for his efforts including Inside Kung Fu Magazines, Man of the Year Award and Humanitarian of the Year Award.
• “Fighting Without Fighting” Part 1 (A seminar in a facet of Kung Fu Practice that brought Kung Fu Movies a global audience and functionality to Kung Fu practice)
– Time TBD

This introductory seminar will discuss and develop perspective in fighting without fighting.The seminar’s objectives are to enhance vision and help develop emotional control. This is achieved through observing and participating in a series of offense techniques.
•Part 2, Experiments with fighting without fighting
– Time TBD

This seminar explores the structure of the classic techniques of fighting without fighting compared to modern techniques. The objective is to understand the classical structures of Shaolin and self defense and to able to perform a classical shaolin 2 man set.
•Part 3
– Time TBD

Perfecting a Classical 2 man Shaolin set for the development of skills in entrapment, accuracy of techniuqe and the development clarity of vision to anticipate offense behaviors.

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