Competition Information

Grand Champion Criteria

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Competition Events

Traditional External Forms:

  • Traditional Northern
  • Traditional Southern Long
  • Traditional Southern Short
  • Other External Forms
  • Traditional Sabre
  • Traditional Staff
  • Traditional Spear
  • Traditional Straightsword
  • Other External Weapons
  • Traditional Wing Chun Form
  • Wing Chun Weapon (Bot Jam Knife or Luk Dim Boon Pole)
  • Wing Chun Dummy Form

Modern Wushu Events:

  • Changquan
  • Nanquan
  • Nandao
  • Nangun
  • Straightsword
  • Sabre
  • Staff
  • Spear
  • Other Wushu Forms
  • Other Wushu Weapons

Open Events:

  • Open Form
  • Open Weapon
  • Open 2-3 Man Set
  • Open 2-3 Man Weapon Set

Reaction Skills:

  • Point Sparring (17 & under)
  • Continuous Sparring (18 and up)
  • Chi Sau
  • Restricted Step Push Hands
  • Moving Push Hands
  • Tru2Form Sparring
  • San Shou
  • Lug Sau

Internal Forms:

  • Chen Taiji
  • Yang Taiji
  • Wu (Hao) Taiji
  • Wu Taiji
  • Sun Taiji
  • 24 Step Taiji
  • 42 Step Taiji
  • 48 Step Taiji
  • Xingyiquan
  • Baquazhang
  • Liuhebafa
  • Other Internal Form
  • Taiji Straightsword
  • Taiji Long Weapon
  • Taiji Sabre
  • 42 Step Taiji Straightsword
  • Other Internal Weapon
  • Other Taiji

Chin Woo Shaolin Events:

  • Escape Fighting [脱战拳]
  • Cross Fighting [十字战]
  • Big Fighting 1st Section [大战上]
  • Gong Li Quan [功力拳]
  • Jie Quan [节拳]

Chin Woo Praying Mantis Events:

  • Crush Step / Bengbu [崩步]
  • Avoid Force / Duogan [躲刚]
  • Piercing Fist / Chachui [插捶]
  • Big Whirlwind / Dafanche [大翻车]
  • Eighteen Hands / Shibashou [十八手]

Chin Woo Eagle Claw Events:

  • Lohan Fist [罗汉拳]
  • Five Tiger Fist [五虎拳]
  • Eight Step Fist [八步槌]
  • Small Cotton Palm [小棉掌]
  • Big Cotton Palm [大棉掌]

Cultural Events:

  • Traditional Lion Dance Competition
  • Traditional Dragon Dance

Special Exhibition Event:

This event is available for competitors who are competing for the first time or who wish to exhibit a special form (such as something they just learned). Competitors are scored but not ranked. All competitors in this event will receive a gold medal for their display of martial art spirit. Exhibition events include:

  • External Form
  • External Weapon
  • Internal Form
  • Internal Weapon

There is no limit to the number of exhibition events one can compete in. Exhibition events are listed in Section 7 on the competitor registration form.

Musical Group Team Events:

Compete as a team by performing a choreographed set with music. Each group should have a minimum of 4 and maximum of 6 people only. Time range is 1.5 – 5 min. Musical Group events include:

  • External Form
  • External Weapon
  • Internal Form
  • Internal Weapon

Musical Group events are listed in Section 6 on the competitor registration form and need to be completed by one of the team members. For detailed rules see the Rules page.


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